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24 Hours of Sixty-Six Books - the final curtain call

15th October, 2011 by | 2 comments


Here we are at the end of the truely extraordinary 24 hour performance of Sixty-Six Books. Thank you to the remarkable writers, cast, creatives and audiences for being a part of this momentous moment. Our new home is now open and we look forward to welcoming you through the doors of the new Bush for many years to come.



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An absolutely unforgettable experience. Riveting, entertaining, challenging, beautifully moving, from start to finish, except for that moment at 5 am when exhaustion couldn't be fought off a moment more and I had a nap under a table in the cafe... And how remarkable that the 24 hour run coincided with the start of Occupy St Paul's - is everyone now 'speaking back' to Power? As one of the writers, of course I am biased, so I'm posting a review by Humphrey, an aged tabby cat who dictates a regular column for the Upper Tas Valley Benefice parish magazine to my aunt, Mary Griffiths ('she' of the review):

Jeremiah’s Cattery.

Did you ever hear of this cattery, because it sounds to me as though the RSPCA should have shut it down. I expect you’ve heard of Jeremiah, he wrote one of the books of the Bible. Well it seems there are sixty six books in the Bible, I know they read them here sometimes on a Wednesday evening, but they never read Jeremiah. Anyway she went off to London on Friday, I did not accompany her, so of course as usual I’ve got all this news second hand. She went to meet up with the gal Naomi, and they went to the new Bush Theatre to see a dramatic event entitled “Sixty Six Books”. It was stories from the Bible as seen through 21st century eyes. Did eyes see differently in all the other centuries? I would have thought a mouse looks like a mouse whatever the century, but of course you lot change your clothes and your furniture, so I suppose things do look a bit different. The programme started at 7 pm and went on all night, all morning, all through the afternoon and right up to 7pm on Saturday. They were fed and watered and generally looked after, very well. They laughed and sometimes cried a little tear or two, and sometimes gave their eyes just the tiniest wee bit of a rest, but not for long because it really was very good, and an awful lot of very hard work had gone on and some of the actors had to remember pages and pages of words. So where did it begin? Why at the beginning of course, with God, who looked like Catherine Tate, in a very nice goldeny cream silk trouser suit, and an angel with a lap top. Now this was God with a sense of humour, and they all laughed a lot, and the evening was on its way. The fare was very varied, and some episodes were short and some were long and some called for dressing up, as in old fashioned or ethnic clothes. Some were political like the gal Naomi’s piece, from Ezra. In fact a few referred to the present state of the Holy Land. Unfortunately my head is getting into a bit of a whirl with it all, and I have not room to mention all the writers, but they did include our own archbishop, whose piece was about Lazarus, and Billy Bragg, whose theme was, “ do unto others” Brief and to the heart of the Matter. Well what about that Cattery? The man clearly hadn’t thought about it at all, just said he’d look after cats, forgot that you don’t get paid until the owners collect them

Naomi Foyle


What a fantastic experience, one of the most unique theatrical experiences I've ever been to!! A huge congratulations to all of you for making it so special. The atmosphere at the end was quite extraordinary! Looking forward to future productions.....

ryan hammond


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