By Anthony Weigh Wed 11 Jun - Sat 19 Jul, 2008

Eldon, Iowa is a tiny community in the heartland of America. Its Deputy Sheriff is charged with enforcing the new state law banning sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools, parks, bus stops, public libraries, or anywhere else children may gather.

When the Deputy is compelled to evict his neighbours' son the new law hits home. Over the course of this single weekend, fear and intolerance swell in Eldon and the two men are thrown together to discover that there is nowhere in this vast landscape for these Iowa's outcasts to go.

Powerful, compassionate and urgent, 2,000 FEET AWAY tells a gripping story about seemingly reasonable laws with terrible consequences and the price we pay for safety at any cost.


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'A... well-acted success, (then) which evokes an unsettling sense of American Gothic (the famous Grant Wood painting is a recurring motif), of an America still puritan to the marrow and prey to the mentality of the witch-hunt and the lynch mob.'

The Sunday Times


Direction - Josie Rourke
Design - Lucy Osborne
Lighting - James Farncombe
Sound - Emma Laxton


cast includes

Joe Ashman
Charlotte Beaumont
Kirsty Bushell
Oliver Coopersmith
Joseph Fiennes
Ian Hart
Miranda Princi
Kevin Trainor