By Catherine Trieschmann Wed 3 May - Sat 3 Jun, 2006

Fourteen-year-old Laney arrives in Oxford, Mississippi, an outsider with a twisted back and only her writing to keep her company. When she befriends the hapless born-again Maribel, Laney''s penchant for story-telling soon spirals out of control. A hilarious chain of events is set in motion, sparking a spiritual and sexual journey that infuriates her mother and threatens to tear their fragile world apart.

A gloriously sideways glance at evangelical and Sapphic love way down south, CROOKED premiered at the Bush Theatre, London, 3 May 2006.


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'There's a delicious satirical naughtiness as well as warmth about Crooked.

What's lovely about Mike Bradwell's production is its studio intimacy - with just white clapboard walls as a backdrop - combined with some very fine acting. In particular, Chazen manages to be ludicrously weird yet extraordinarily lovable, with a sexually frisky nature bubbling up through her rote about sin and the Devil.'

Independent on Sunday

'Trieschmann shows a precise understanding of the female heart...A play of immense psychological shrewdness.'



Direction - Mike Bradwell
Design - Libby Watson
Lighting Design - Tanya Burns
Sound Design - Nick Manning


cast includes

Amanda Hale
Suzan Sylvester