By Simon Bent Wed 25 Apr - Sat 2 Jun, 2007

Elling and his roommate, the uncouth, reluctant virgin Kjell Bjarne, are the Odd Couple of Oslo: a pair of confused souls taking their first steps in the outside world after years of isolated, institutional life. Given a flat in the city by social services, they must re-assimilate themselves into society or face a return to the asylum.


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'The performances are a joy. Simm's Elling is a twitching, acid-tongued, buttoned-up model of prissy precision, Adrian Bower's Kjell Bjarne loping, cuddly and malodorous, exactly the soulful-eyed orang-utan that Elling labels him. Watching them first resist, then connect with, a world that proves remarkably compassionate and accommodating is moving and very, very funny. Thoroughly life-affirming. '

The Times

'The most blissfully funny and touching evening I've had in the theatre for ages.

Simm and Bower are sensational, and there is brilliant support from Jonathan Cecil as a poet with writer's block, Keir Charles as the social worker and Ingrid Lacey as an assortment of angels and devils. Rare, very rare.'

The Guardian


Direction - Paul Miller
Design - Simon Daw
Lighting Design - Mark Doubleday
Sound Design - Jack C Arnold


cast includes

Adrian Bower
Jonathan Ceci
Keir Charles
Ingrid Lacey
John Simm