By David Watson Wed 12 Sep - Sat 6 Oct, 2007

'Don't you feel quite... privileged? To be here now. To be young,
and here and alive. Not many people can say that.

Jonathan's a bright boy with a great future and people expect things of him. Especially now that his Dad's walked out, Mum's got her career and Danny needs looking after. Danny, his brother with Down's syndrome and a love of creative swearing. But his best friend needs him too. They're partners in crime and, anyway, it's hard work burgling houses all on your own.

A lot can happen in a year. Especially when it's the most important year of your life.

David Watson is 22. His first play, JUST A BLOKE, was staged as part of the Royal Court Young Writers' Festival when he was 17.


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' A play of great heart and humour that is often powerfully affecting, too.

Cary Crankson is both sympathetic and charismatic as the harassed Jonathan, who at times seems to be nearing the end of his rope, while Scott Swadkins, who has learning difficulties himself, makes a remarkable professional debut as his Down's-afflicted brother.

I have a strong hunch that we will be hearing a good deal more of Watson, a writer of rare human sympathy, and of Crankson, who plays the troubled hero with real star quality.'

The Telegraph


Direction - Naomi Jones
Design - Polly Sullivan
Lighting Design - Natasha Chivers
Sound Design - Carolyn Downing


cast includes

Cary Crankson
Will Knightly
Ashley Madekwe
Mossie Smith
Scott Swadkins