By Ian McHugh Wed 10 Oct - Sat 10 Nov, 2007

'Do you ever get the urge to do purely wicked things, just for
the sake of it?'

Marooned in Great Yarmouth, Nick and Miranda are two intensely bright, funny and volatile young people. They may be best friends but Nick is searching for something else. Obsessed with THE TEMPEST, he is convinced that, if only they can find their own Ariel, they 'll be able to conjure a storm. When Will arrives it looks like all the elements are in place, but none of them really understands the powers they are about to release.


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'Al Weaver undoubtedly has an intriguing otherworldly quality as the neurotic Nick, Emily Beecham is both mischievous and sexy as Miranda and Robert Boulter brings a touching vulnerability to the stage as William.'

The Telegraph


Design - Lucy Osborne
Direction - Josie Rourke
Lighting Design - Hartley T A Kemp
Sound Design - Jack C Arnold


cast includes

Emily Beecham
Rob Boulter
Al Weaver