By Catherine Johnson Wed 21 May - Sat 21 Jun, 2003

Meet El, Erin and Joby - the Unholy Trinity.

They're typical teenagers - dabbling with Satanism, sex and Spar's finest vodka to an extreme metal soundtrack.

Up on the roof of El's Bristol flat they're reciting the lord's prayer backwards, perfecting chalk pentagrams and making black cloaks out of El's Mum's sheets - their rucksacks stuffed with black candles, cigarettes and cheap booze. When one of their rituals gets out of hand and El's dead father is invoked, family relationships and friendships get twisted up in the brewing chaos that follows.

Can they control the forces of darkness or will it all get out of hand? And what do you do when your Mum's as big a teenager as you?


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'Catherine Johnson has written a wonderful play...superbly directed by Mike Bradwell. Miss Johnson captures the joys and pains of motherhood well and has a great gift for dialogue. She also gives us many barrels full of laughs along the way as she demonstrates that being a teenager or even a teen's mother can be a haunting experience.'

The British Theatre Guide

'Johnson's writing is sharp, funny and unsentimental...strong performances in the principal roles.'

The Guardian


Direction - Mike Bradwell
Design - Jonathan Fensom
Lighting Design - Nick Richings
Sound Design - John Leonard


cast includes

Tom Daplyn
Alice O'Connor
Jenny Platt
Suzan Sylvester
Jem Wall