By Mark Ravenhill Thu 11 Jan - Sat 3 Feb, 2007

'I love your work, I love it. I've seen you do those turns on a sixpence. 'You're fabulous. And this material is going to be fabulous once it's punched up.'

Olivia, a hot, young starlet in the delirious world of Hollywood, is pining for a script that would save her from the hell of B-movies and catapult her career into ascent. A script which balances artistic integrity with blockbuster bucks. James thinks he's got the perfect pitch- a script which combines a torrid love story with the dark spectre of terrorism and big, big explosions. If he can only persuade Olivia, he's got the perfect 'product'.


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'Although it is no surprise that a writer can anticipate the subtle nuances in a script and the jokes and the pathos, it should not be taken for granted that he can express them through performance. Ravenhill does.'

The Stage

'It's very arch, very funny.... PRODUCT is more than a cheap joke at the expense of Hollywood hotheads. There's something highly unsettling about the way it hooks you into its tacky storyline.'

The Telegraph


Direction - Lucy Morrison
Lighting and Sound Design - Mat Ort


cast includes

Jo Lobban
Mark Ravenhill