RADAR Performance: Boy in a Dress

by La JohnJoseph Fri 16 - Sat 17 Nov, 2012
"a high-heeled, low-living clusterfuck of sex, class, religion, gender, identity and ideology"
Time Out

Produced by Leo Wood & Robyn Keynes for Independent Productions in association with the Bush Theatre as part of RADAR 2012

Third-gendered, fallen Catholic, ex-fashion model La John Joseph invites you to her raucously political and accidentally profound retrospectacle. He combines song, vaudeville, proselytising, striptease and postmodern philosophy in an exhilarating collage which explores intersections between faith, gender, class and identity, and tells the true story of her journey from the council estates of Bootle to the catwalks of Paris and a degree from Berkeley, via the strip clubs of New York and some complex negotiations with faith.

Raucously political and accidentally profound, this is her frank and almost charming autobiography.Featuring songs from Patti Smith to Guns N’ Roses, Cole Porter to Leonard Cohen.

Plays as part of a double bill alongside Illusions by Ivan Viripaev

First performed at Ovalhouse in February 2012


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“Moving, inspiring, fabulous and everything I love about theatre”


Boy in a Dress is ʻperformed on a set that conceals almost as many surprises as the man in the glitterball spotlightʼ



Directed - Sarah Chew
Musical Director - Jordan Hunt
Set & Costume Designer - Myriddin Wannell
Stage Manager - Stephen Quinn
Soundscape Designer - Eamonn O'Dwyer



La JohnJoseph
Erin Hutching



Dates - 16. 17 November
Time - 7.30pm
Tickets - £15 (£13 concessions and £10 Under26 tickets)
Plays as part of a double bill alongside Illusions by Ivan Viripaev - Use code U26/2013 when booking for under 26 £10 tickets