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"In short, Straight is a gregarious, flirtatious romp. As corny as it sounds, I have kept thinking about the characters today; such is their vivacity and colour. I might have to visit them again…"


"Director Richard Wilson (whose acting credits include the television crosspatch, Victor Meldrew) honours every thought-provoking nuance of Moore’s sharp-witted comedy, and draws virtuoso performances from his young cast in a production that is funny and humane in equal measure"


"There are some wonderfully funny exchanges as well as some moments of real tenderness and Moore’s staccato dialogue has a pleasingly natural rhythm, full of small pauses and terminated trains of thoughtt. Henry Pettigrew’s hesitant, charming turn as Lewis is a total joy and there’s an appealing chemistry between him and Philip McGinley’s Waldorf, while Jessica Ransom is warmly understated as Lewis’ understandably confused wife, Morgan."


"The strength of Straight lies in both the performances and the dialogue. Wilson is very much an actor’s director and draws superb performances from his cast... Moore’s halting, naturalistic dialogue contains many pleasures: there are some brilliantly funny lines"


"Moore's wonderful facility for fresh-minted dialogue, and a quartet of terrific performances, ensure this is one of the most entertaining evenings currently available in London"


'Exceptionally funny... rarely less than laugh out loud, thanks to four big, earthy performances'