By Gerald Murphy Tue 8 Feb - Sat 5 Mar, 2005

'And she wasn't a very loving mother either. I mean she never made rice krispie buns - do you know what I mean?'

Eddie and his sons are creatures of the night shift - it's the days that give them trouble. Bren (the love child) surfs the net alone. Andy (planned) can't confirm the whereabouts of his girlfriend and son. Kev (the mistake) isn't throwing his money around like the IT whizzkid they take him for. A duty visit to their mother in hospital requires them to act like model siblings; but confusion around her illness and her mysterious good news become the fuel for this unsettling comedy which charts the meltdown of a family of men caught in the claw of the Celtic tiger.


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'Lynne Parker's well-paced production is strongly acted. Vincent McCabe's Eddie is all hollow bluster, Aidan Kelly's Andy suggests a volcano on the verge of eruption and Barry Ward's Kev has a callow, invertebrate charm. Best of all is Joe Hanley's Bren, who guards his pristine patch with nervous anxiety.'

The Guardian


Direction - Lynne Parker
Design - Alan Farquharson
Lighting Design - John Comiskey
Costume Design - Eimer NĂ­ Mhaoldomhnaigh


cast includes

Joe Hanley
Aidan Kelly
Vincent McCabe
Barry Ward