By The People Show Wed 29 Jun - Sat 23 Jul, 2005

What's your life worth? Two lines? Half a page? The whole shebang? Nothing? They've already decided. And there's nothing you can do about it. Or is there?

The Obituary Show. Its only words.

Between the lines is where the music lies; the true soundtrack that tells the emotional truth that makes us cry or laugh depending on how much we paid to get in.

Enter the People Show's world where live music, soundtrack, dancing and extraordinary visuals weave the texture of a show that we confidently expect will prove a worthwhile way of passing yet another hour and seventeen minutes of our existence.


What the papers say

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'Funny and sad by turns, shot through with moments of comic absurdity, the show sidles up and breathes its message in your ear: think about how your life will be remembered.'

The Sunday Times

'Aversatile and talented cast play saxes and trumpets, bop about dressed as pathologists, sprinkle white carnations and parady the sort of speeches you get at a funeral and momorial services.'

The Times


- The People Show


cast includes

Gareth Brierley
Sadie Cook
Amanda Hadingue
George Kahn
Mark Long
Jessica Worrall
Chahine Yavroyan