By Lucy Kirkwood Wed 23 Apr - Sat 24 May, 2008

In the late 21st Century, one man still clings to Traditional British Values, managing his wayward wife and running a butchers shop: his Empire. When Perchik, committed vegetarian and outlaw artist, swims across Hadrian's Channel to England and stows away in a container full of meat, he lands up in Saul's shop. Since Saul's last boy went missing, Perchik gets an instant job offer. With riots raging in the streets outside, it may be safest to accept. Or maybe not.

TINDERBOX comes after Lucy Kirkwood's first play, GRADY HOT POTATO, presented at the Edinburgh Festival in 2006, for which she won the PMA Award. She also writes for SKINS (Channel 4) and is the resident writer with Clean Break Theatre Company.


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'A darkly humorous debut from Lucy Kirkwood, a writer on Channel 4's Skins. Tinderbox conveys an underlying sense of dreary decay beneath a veneer of grotesque slapstick comedy: think Joe Orton with undertones of Samuel Beckett and a spattering of Sweeney Todd....The final act leaves audiences caught between nausea, laughter and despair.'

Sunday Times

'.... a lovely, bawdy, deliciously off-colour evening.'



Director - Josie Rourke
Designer - Lucy Osborne
Lighting design - Aaron Foy
Sound design - Emma Laxton


cast includes

Nigel Betts
Bryan Dick
Jamie Foreman
Sartaj Garewal
Sheridan Smith