By Jack Thorne Wed 16 Nov - Sat 17 Dec, 2005

'He didn't think I was worth it - all this effort and stuff you're doing. Because it isn't your fault I'm like this.'

A searing portrait of relationships read between the lines, When You Cure Me tells the story of Rachel, victim to an incident that's left her inexplicably paralysed. There's nothing her super-carer mum or over-eager new friends can do, and Rachel can't explain why it's happening. But if Peter can find a way back to her, he could just be her cure.


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'Thorne explores Rachel's disorder with unblinking clarity.
Thorne also presents the responses of those who surround Rachel with psychological acuity.

Mike Bradwell's production is beautifully acted, particularly by Samuel Barnett as Peter and Morven Christie as Rachel. But it's a brave piece of writing that, with its damaged and angry heroine, unflinchingly shows us not a vision of saintly suffering, but a far more engagingly human struggle for survival.'

The Times

'In one of the year's finest pieces of new writing, Jack Thorne paints a compassionate, gripping portrait of a fledgling relationship that is asked to bear more than many well-established marriages. A superlative evening.'

Evening Standard


Direction - Mike Bradwell
Design - Penelope Challen
Lighting Designer - Tanya Burns
Sound Designer - Nick Manning


cast includes

Samuel Barnett
Daniel Bayle
Morven Christie
Lisa McDonald
Gwyneth Strong