By Steve Thompson Sat 18 Nov - Sat 16 Dec, 2006

It's a week before Christmas, and the new Tory government is facing dissent over its latest Bill. With a majority of only three, the Whip's office is out in full force, and they'll stop at nothing to keep the strays in line. But they're in for a long night: boy scouts are rioting in Whitehall, the PM's golfing with the President, five Tory rebels are on the loose and the Chief Whip is playing at Santa - could this be the beginnings of a leadership challenge?


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'Making an all too rare stage appearance, Richard Wilson's timing is perfect as his character shows us what unswerving loyalty really means in this context and makes great use of almost all of the play's best lines.'

The British Theatre Guide

'Richard Wilson is at his hilarious best as the chief whip...the funniest political satire since Alistair Beaton's Feelgood, which attacked New Labour spin doctors. Like that play, it not only lifts the lid on the process but exposes the fact that politics today is as much about short-term, tactical gains as it is about long-range vision.'

The Guardian


Direction - Terry Johnson
Associate Direction - Tamara Harvey
Design - Tim Shortall
Sound Design - Fergus O’Hare
Lighting Design - Simon Corder


cast includes

Robert Bathurst
Fiona Glascott
Lee Ross
Nick Rowe
Helen Schlesinger