The School Season at the Bush

Knowledge Little Platoons
In response to one of the most urgent and divisive issues of our times, the Bush presents The Schools Season: The Knowledge by John Donnelly and Little Platoons by Steve Waters. The season brings together an ensemble company of ten actors and a series of talks, debates and events which will examine education in Britain today.

Post Show Events

A response to LITTLE PLATOONS - 10th, 11th, 12th February
Toby Young, who himself is in the process of setting up one of the UK’s first free schools has provided valuable resource material for Steve Waters’ Little Platoons. The Bush has invited playwright Adam Brace (Stovepipe) to work with Toby to create a response to the play. For times and booking information, click here

Teachers to Playwrights
Tuesday 25th January 2011
A large number of playwrights have at one time worked in the schools system. Is there a relationship between teaching and playwrighting? The discussion will examine how didactic theatre is, and more widely, how a playwright seeks to “educate” their audience.
Panelists include Steve Waters (Little Platoons, The Contingency Plan) and The Lyric Theatre’s Harper Regan Artistic Associate Writer in Residence, Simon Stephens (Punk Rock, Seawall, Pornography, Harper Regan). Open to The Knowledge ticket holders, free.

300,000 Young People Without a Place
Thursday 3rd Feb 2011
UK Universities are groaning under the weight of applications. This year over 300,000 young people were left without a place at any University. The discussion will bring together University staff along with young people and groups looking to support those affected including, Not Going To Uni. Panelists include Professor David Miles (Pro Vice Chancellor of Kingston University), and a representative from Not Going To Uni (TBC). Open to Little Platoons ticket holders, free.

Monday 31st January 2011
Is internal exclusion working as a means supporting students who are disruptive in the conventional school system? Does it focus the energies of these students and allow their specific needs to be met, while allowing the rest of the class to develop? Or does it deny students productive education. The discussion will bring together a variety of authorities on exclusion and concentrate on the effectiveness of creating whole classes of excluded students.
Panelists include Seamus Oates, Head Teacher of The Bridge Academy (West London PRU), Holly Evans and Rachel Tyson, Young People’s Producer's at the Lyric Theatre (Holly and Rachel have both worked in PRU's and as youth worker's for ‘hard to reach’ young people who have been excluded/internally excluded from secondary school), James Groves, (Head of the Education Unit at Policy Exchange) and Dominy Roe, Outreach and Development Worker for Fairbridge & Producer/Presenter of Streetlife FM. Open to The Knowledge ticket holders, free

What Do You Want?
What should education be teaching? Where do you want to be when you finish school or college? What is education for? What Do You Want?

What Do You Want? is a project currently being run by bushfutures in conjunction with the Schools Season. Over the next three months working with the bushactivists, our theatre group for 15 to 20 year olds, we'll be asking over 1000 young people what they want from the education system. Responses will be presented by the Bush Theatre foyer during the schools season. What Do You Want? will have both physical and digital, life continuing via facebook, twitter and youtube.To find out what young people want from the education system click here or visit What Do You Want? on facebook.