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Madani Younis


Madani Younis is the incoming Artistict Director of the Bush Theatre.  He is currently Artistic Director of Freedom Studios in Bradford, Yorkshire. His most recent work for the company was the site-specific work, The Mill – City of Dreams. He has also worked nationally and internationally as theatre director, writer and practitioner.

For the past two years Freedom Studios has collaborated with the Bush Theatre through workshops, the Bush’s innovative on-line facility for writers, culminating in Freedom’s two week residency last year at the theatre.  This association will continue under Younis’ tenure.

Appointed in 2002 as the Director of Red Ladder Theatre Company’s Asian Theatre School, Madani staged seven productions for the company -  Streets of Rage (2002); Silent Cry (2003 - regional, 2004 - national tour);  Freeworld (2004 - an international collaboration with the Studio Theatre Damascus, Syria); Caravan (2005 - West Yorkshire Playhouse); Freefalling (2005 - Red Ladder Theatre Company, national tour); A Waiting Room for Journeying Souls (2005 - Peepul Centre, Leicester), and Doors (2007- Red Ladder Theatre Company, national tour).

He originally trained in film, and his debut short film Ellabellapumpanella, commissioned by the UK Film Council, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007.

He was the recipient of the Decibel Award at the South Bank Awards show in 2006.


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