Emerging Writers’ Group

Our Emerging Writers’ Group (EWG) is entering its third year with a new intake of six writers.

The 2015 EWG cohort consisted of Josh Azouz, Lily Bevan, Sevan K. Greene, Nabihah Islam, Gemma Rogers and Sophie Wu. Last year’s were Tristan Bernays, Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu, Kamal Kaan, Jessian Sian, A.C. Smith and Camilla Whitehill. Of those writers, three are currently under commission to the Bush, two more are on attachment to the theatre, and the remaining continue to receive artistic support on new work.

The class of 2017 will be: 

  • Robyn Addison
  • Afsaneh Gray
  • Kelly Jones
  • Isley Lynn
  • Eno Mfon
  • Tom Wentworth

The EWG is an opportunity for the Bush to develop relationships with new playwrights encountered through our unsolicited submissions process and further afield – all of whom are at early stages in their careers. It aims to support writers over a sustained period of time and help encourage work on a new full length play.

“The best thing for me about the programme is that it didn’t try to teach me to write. I’ve been writing for nearly 5 years, I didn’t need another course on the ‘hero’s journey’ and genre. It was more sophisticated than that – it treated us and our methods individually. So it’s hard to say what I learnt, but I know I’m a better writer now.” Camilla Whitehill