West London Playwrights’ Group

We’re looking for eight people who are passionate about writing a play to join our new West London Playwrights’ Group.  Over nine months, our artistic team will teach you the fundamentals of playwriting and support you to write a play!

The West London Playwrights’ Group is open to applications from anyone over 18 living in West London.

Applicants don’t need to have written a full play before, we just want to see 1-2 pages of writing in any form – dialogue, poetry, prose are all accepted.

We will also accept video applications of 2-3 minutes length if you’d prefer to apply by video.  Please email the address below for details of how best to share videos with us.

Writers will need to be available to come to the Bush from 6.30-9.30pm on the following dates:
31 July
28 August
25 September
30 October
20 November
11 December
29 January
26 February
11 March

Click here to view our application form and apply. Closing date for applications: 6pm Monday 15 July.

Any questions, please email [email protected]