Forget Me Not

In the final week of the Autumn term, we had a group of KS2 students and some older members of the community come to the Bush Theatre, where we created a one day intergenerational project inspired by our current show ‘Forget Me Not’.

The project aimed to explore what different generations can learn from each other and to have a fun and creative day. Pupils took part in games, creative activities and discussions with a few older members of our local community, and learnt a bit about what life was like in the past. The project was facilitated by Helen Barnett and our Community Producer, Amanda Castro, and was a huge success for all involved.


“The day was great. The best part was when an elderly woman called Cynthia said that my head was screwed on in the right direction!” – Pupil

“I enjoyed writing the letter to my future self, it made me think about what I want to do in the future” – Pupil