Play In A Week: Milk Presents

In August 2017, our Associate Company Milk Presents teamed up with a group of 16-21 year olds from the local area for a unique Play In a Week project, inspired by our production Hir.

What might a post-gender utopia even look like? A world free from pinks and blues? If we didn’t have gender, how would his and her’s happy meals work? Or toilets? Or onesies? Over one week this group made a new theatre performance exploring gender and identity performed at the end of the week for friends, family and Bush staff.

Some feedback from the workshop participants:

“I learned so much about gender, it opened my mind”

“(I discovered) how I feel about my gender and sexuality without having to label myself”

“It was really fun”

This project was supported by John Lyons Charity, Arts Council England and Jerwood Charitable Foundation.