For the Curiously Minded

A mashup of arts and science

Join hosts Anjan Saha and Nina Joshi Ramsey to record a live podcast episode in which they will explore inventive ideas with a stellar array of guests, including award-winning scientists and artists.

Expect humorous, philosophical and at times irreverent searches for deeper truths and solutions to modern day challenges.

Topics include:
• Managing your wellbeing in the face of hospital cuts
• Developing deep focus in an age of ever-decreasing concentration spans

The evening will be interspersed with live music, poetry and beats, and includes a pre and post-show networking event. Join us at the reception where you can put your hand to science, input into the discussion topics and meet people from across the HF Arts Festival.

Panel includes: Sade Adeniran, Peter Brown, Suzanne Bull (MBE), Divyanand Caird, Gemma Donohue, Sue Green (MBE), Sagar Jilka, Katherine Mulcahy and Jess Wade.

This is a past event 10 Jun 2017


#Playwrights especially #femaleplaywrights: I want to read as much exciting new work as possible so if you’ve got s…
Beth Pitts
20 Feb
#TheB*easts @bushtheatre by the extraordinarily talented @MonicaDolan is a must see. Really brilliant and thought provoking. Go!
Robyn Addison
20 Feb
@zoeboyley @bushtheatre @MonicaDolan ❤️ great actor
20 Feb
@SitaThomas5 @bushtheatre Hi, this is me - journalist (Guardian, Observer, TLS), broadcaster (BBC Tv and radio, Sky…
20 Feb
Hannah Samuels
20 Feb
So excited to announce that I will be running a workshop called "Black Men Talking" for Eclplise Theatre at…
Kaymonger 🇿🇲
16 Feb

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