Up Next

Ruthie Osterman, Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway (Founder and CEO of Artistic Directors of the Future), Sita Thomas and Tobi Kyeremateng

No more hand holding, No more short lived schemes, No more waiting for permission, No more waiting for a revolution. You’re Up Next: take the keys, take the budgets, take the space and change the game.

Up Next will hand over power and resources to visionary BAMER leaders and artists. It’s a project designed to change the Bush Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre forever and feed into the succession of their leadership.

Tobi Kyeremateng, Sita Thomas, Ruthie Osterman (all Bush Theatre), Lekan Lawal, Tarek Iskander and Saad Eddine Said (Battersea Arts Centre) will be handed the keys to both the Bush Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre in early 2019.


Artistic Directors of the Future have partnered with the Bush Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre to develop and deliver Up Next, a takeover initiative funded by the Arts Council England Sustained Theatre grant.

The project responds to the needs of ADF members and is an opportunity for them to: gain practical leadership experience with genuine power, resource and risk; gain experience across a range of disciplines including artistic direction, producing, programming, fundraising, marketing and production; become a part of a network of BAMER leaders going through a similar experience who can share learning and support each other.

Up Next is a positive-change intervention. The programme is designed to give up to 10 members of ADF the opportunity to take over two of the UK’s most iconic theatre buildings for a period of up to two months.