We've got big plans this year…

Blind and Partially Sighted


Assistance Dogs

You are welcome to bring your assistance dog into both auditoriums. Please request an aisle seat when you book. Alternatively, our staff are happy to dog-sit for you.


Audio Description

Audio Description provides information about the visual elements of a production. The description is delivered live, in-between dialogue and picked up through headsets, giving access to visually impaired audiences.

An audio introduction MP3 is sent out in advance and will be available on this page of the website to listen to or download.

A Touch Tour before the performance allows the audience to explore the set and costumes and meet the cast.


Upcoming Performances

Sat 15 Jul, 2.30pm
(Tour Tour at 1.00pm) HIR Notes


Of Kith and Kin
Sat 11 Nov, 2.30pm
(Tour Tour at 1.00pm)

Ramona Tells Jim
Sat 7 Oct, 2.45pm
(Tour Tour at 1.15pm)