60 seconds with Nina from The Royale

We caught up with Frances Ashman who plays Nina in The Royale and asked for a speedy 60 seconds in character.

Who are you?
Nina Jackson, Jay “The Sport” Jackson’s my little brother.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The gift of first light blessing me and my family with another day.

What are your dreams?
For my children to get through life free of the scars of racial violence. To see them get through college, for my eldest to earn the title ‘Doctor Jackson’, for my youngest to slow down, for both to be respected and respectful upstanding men.

What’s your favourite food?

What keeps you awake at night?
The sound of fear and suffering in the night.

What do you want the world that your children grow up in to look like?
Heaven… but that ain’t gon’ happen. Free is all anybody wants to be, free in body and mind.

L-R: Ewan Stewart and Nicholas Pinnock star alongside Frances Ashman in The Royale.

L-R: Ewan Stewart and Nicholas Pinnock star alongside Frances Ashman in The Royale.

What are you fighting for?
The right for my kids to live in peace, for them to get the opportunity to realise their dreams, to keep ’em safe.

How do you feel when Jay steps inside the ring?
A mix of hope, sadness, terror and disappointment.

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