@bushtheatre @LaSiddons Brava to the Tech team here. Live streaming from three continents (and broadcasting from a… https://t.co/tIkHF4qVWu
Solo Lightbringer ™️
16 Feb
Impressive and powerful play! A must see! https://t.co/JCNbohw7vW
Catalina Ortiz
16 Feb
This looks exciting ! I love seeing gender non conformity, femmes , trans folk in theatre spaces on their terms ⭐️ https://t.co/dZNWSFwIY7
16 Feb
You all already know this but @RAWeiseArtist is the shit. His image-making In #TheTrick is second to none. Just suc… https://t.co/G1afzkRHxA
Eve Leigh
16 Feb
I. Am. So. Utterly. Proud. Of my friend, my sister, @Trev_her Go see #Babylon at the @bushtheatre https://t.co/YuNBpNqona
Samy Fiorino
15 Feb
All the inside T on #RestOfMeFloats on @bushtheatre #insta Takeover with @ChelleOT and @tamiramarpettet live today.… https://t.co/xCzedkVIUI
Outbox Theatre
15 Feb

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Bush Staff Recommends: LGBT+ Artists

February is an exciting time for reflection on all things LGBT+ as we celebrate communities past and present. Heterosexist society has meant that the great contributions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, Non-Binary and Intersex individuals have been systematically down-played, or entirely erased. LGBT+ History Month is a fantastic opportunity to combat this, sparking discussion and opening powerful…

Changing the face of LGBTQIA+ Casting

Tasha Msanide, Bush Theatre’s Digital Marketing Officer, talks to Charlotte Boden, founder of The Queer House about how the talent agency is revolutionising LGBTQIA+ casting.  The Queer house is a talent agency for LGBTQIA+ talent and creatives, who are leading the way to ensure that this community is at the forefront of representation. For years there…

Imposter Syndrome by Emerging Writer Sophia Chetin-Leuner

Sophia Chetin-Leuner from our Emerging Writers Group opens up about Imposter Syndrome First Emerging Writers Group (EWG) meeting. I’ve already googled everyone, obviously. Their accolades are big. Big awards, tv shows, productions. I hope no one googled me.  We go round, introduce ourselves. My eczema flares up when I’m nervous, and I feel myself getting…