The hub of Shepherds Bush social gatherings, our Café & Bar caters for budding playwrights as well as little extras.

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Kimber Lee heads to London tomorrow to be the first PoNY in Residence with our newest partner, @bushtheatre! #poweredbyPoNY
28 Aug
Googling 'fuck the polar bears bush' doesnt find the actual @bushtheatre page (because it uses F*ck throughout) No need for censorious SEO!
David Ralf
28 Aug
People of Paris (and Europe - get on a train!) the last event of the year is coming your way!
The Midnight Run
28 Aug
Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Islands, Summerhall "gutsy and searching" *****
A Younger Theatre
26 Aug
Coming to the Unicorn this weekend? Check out the #free #SouthBankStories exhibition about life on the Southbank
Unicorn Theatre
27 Aug
Bears. Bears are the best. #hibernation #polarbears Nothing like sleep #sleep
J. Barrett Cooper
27 Aug

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Tanya Ronder: “I didn’t want any starving polar bears”

Tanya Ronder spills the beans about writing her new play F*ck the Polar Bears… The starting point for the play was one of anger. One morning I saw a picture of a white man in his fifties who was the boss of a water company, taking home a massive, massive bonus, and I thought I really need to write…

F*ck the Polar Bears | Meet the Playwright

Meet Tanya Ronder, playwright of our upcoming production F*ck the Polar Bears. Find out more about F*ck the Polar Bears here.

Advice for playwrights | Tanya Ronder

‘My top advice to young budding playwrights would be to collaborate. ‘Seek out others, talk to others, work with others; get people to read your words, hear it, see how much you can take away. ‘It’s such a process of putting things down, weeding the garden, taking stuff out and seeing if there’s something there. Personally, I couldn’t do…