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2016 at the Bush

The Bush Theatre is transforming into an accessible and sustainable modern theatre for the future. Click here to read more about our plans for the building. As a result of this redevelopment our home, the old Library, will be closed to the public until early 2017.

The Bush is breaking out of our building during this period into iconic and rediscovered spaces in west London, to find out what we’ve got planned click here.


.@bushtheatre all over Shepherd's Bush Green. https://t.co/5FfdGRMQyj
Jon Gilchrist
21 Jul
@chipochung @melissabubnic @bushtheatre @HeadlongTheatre @arahodge She really is! And complimented so wonderfully with such a talented team!
Lara Lemon
21 Jul
We are looking for a fantastic Executive Director to join our team - take a look at our website for info! https://t.co/WWrLO9kFcl
21 Jul
Go work with the super cool team @bushtheatre! https://t.co/TD4ntuEHiR
21 Jul
#BoysWillBeBoys at @bushtheatre was great - would totally recommend. Amazing work from the cast and creatives! https://t.co/HIOMiHpmDu
Lara Lemon
20 Jul
#BoysWillBeBoys is seriously ACE @bushtheatre @HeadlongTheatre. Cracking script & blistering performances all round https://t.co/JXERt1zDFr
Sara Galvin ★
20 Jul

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My Work Experience by Mikayla

I came to the Bush Theatre for Work Experience for a week. Each day in that week I worked in two different departments, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. On Monday I had an induction with Amanda in the morning and she told me all about what happens at the Bush…

Boys Will Be Boys | Rehearsal Diary Week 4

We’re in tech for Boys Will Be Boys! Crikey, where has the time gone? This week Assistant Director Poppy Rowley talks about the power of being in a majority female rehearsal room. Why is it important that the majority of the team, onstage and off, on Boys Will Be Boys is female? Whilst this play explores…

Boys Will Be Boys | Gender performativity

We couldn’t really put on a play called Boys Will Be Boys without talking Judith Butler. This blog will give a very brief overview the arguments Butler put forward in her seminal work Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (1990). And when we fail at this we will turn to some cats to explain it. Because…