A Fangirl’s Guide to Eleanor Bron

Leading lady of the Forget Me Not cast, Eleanor Bron, has one of the most impressive CVs we’ve ever come across. In this Fangirl’s guide we’ve limited ourselves to a meagre 10 things that make her fabulous. It could have been a million.

1. She was the first woman ever to appear in a Cambridge University’s Footlights revue

NPG x24428; Eleanor Bron by Lewis Morley

It was 1959. What a boss.

2. She was in the Establishment – a satirical cabaret set up by Peter Cook


The Establishment did the pilot for That Was the Week That Was, the pioneering, hugely influential but short-lived BBC television satire show directed by Ned Sherrin. Eleanor’s third on the left.

3. By the age of 30 she had already appeared on Desert Island Discs

You can listen to the recording here.

 4. In 1978 Eleanor cycled around France and Holland on a Moulton Bicycle

life and other punctures

And then she wrote a book about it. As you do.

5. She was in the Fab Four’s film Help!

No one rocks pink like Eleanor

No one rocks pink like Eleanor.

 6. Paul McCartney was so impressed he named Eleanor Rigby after her


Thumbs up with The Beatles… as you do.

7. She plays Carol Tregorran in The Archers


8. Not to mention she was in 90s children’s classic A Little Princess


Still love her even if she did give us nightmares as Miss Minchin

9. Yo La Tengo mention her in a song

“dreaming ’bout Eleanor Bron, in my room with the curtains drawn…”

10. But our absolute favourite thing is that she’s in Forget Me Not by Tom Holloway


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