Bush Building Project | November Progress

Bush Theatre is transforming into an accessible and sustainable modern theatre for the future. And we’re almost done. So we’re here to give you a sneak peek of how the building is changing and how it will ultimately look when we open early in 2017.

Keep any eye out next week for the announcement of our 2017 season to reopen our home on Uxbridge Road. The Bush is back.

The Attic

The Theatre

The Studio


In Progress

In Progress


Architectural Impression


The Cafe Bar


In Progress

In Progress

The Library

Bush Library book shelves theatre




In progress

In Progress

The Garden

In Progress

In Progress

North Elevation-mod cropped_GATE

North Elevation


 Thanks for scrolling. See you in 2017!

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18 Aug
Shubham Saraf
18 Aug
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18 Aug
RT @VinayPatel: But all in all, A Time Was Had. Cheers @bushtheatre https://t.co/mnoKkajfOX
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18 Aug
@JackAlbertCook @bushtheatre I am genuinely using it to piece together my evening...
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18 Aug