BushGreen: A Meeting Place for Playwrights and Curious Others

For us, the green is the centre of any community and a prominent feature of our own community in Shepherd’s Bush. It is where we come to meet, talk, play and pause – surrounded and informed by the town, the city and the world around us. BushGreen is inspired by this space, a place to reflect and start new conversations and here online BushGreen is for writers and audiences, online and in the world.

We have re-imagined what BushGreen can be and how it can both start and continue conversations on our stage and outside of our building. We will over time grow this space to include original creative content, working with writers, artists and partners to broaden and deepen the stories we tell here at the Bush. We also want this to be a destination for playwrights seeking to have their play produced and so now, in a much simpler way you can directly submit a play to the Bush’s playwriting department for consideration for production.

BushGreen is the heart of the Bush’s community of writers. Through BushGreen we seek to support the future of playwriting, working to develop stories, writers and plays that are bold, contemporary and resonant of all that is London today. If you wanted to know more about what we are doing and why then this is where you should be spending time. From dispatches, articles, short films and more you will be able to engage, share and talk directly to a community of like minded artists and curious others.

Throughout the year we want to welcome you in to the building and are continuing to curate our series of BushGreen Live events, which are the real world embodiment of BushGreen. Meeting other artists and audiences around the plays we produce to have conversations that spark debate and allow you to express an attitude on the stories being told here at the Bush is important to us and so both our Debate and Late night events are designed to give over our space to provocations from the world around us.

BushGreen is not ever one thing to all people but lots of things to lots of people and through collaboration and curiosity we will be seeking to close the gap between the life outside of our building and the art on our stage.

Welcome to BushGreen.

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Yolaine Bech
23 Sep
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23 Sep
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Chris Bush
23 Sep
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Hannah Boyde
23 Sep
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Sophie Austin
23 Sep