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BushGreen Loves when awesome people hang out together. That’s why we wish we had been there when Eartha Kitt and James Dean had what must have been a great jam session

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See why we spend so much time on http://awesomepeoplehangingouttogether.tumblr.com/

Awesome People Hanging Out Together. Web. 10 October 2014. http://awesomepeoplehangingouttogether.tumblr.com/post/88635351632/eartha-kitt-and-james-dean-195

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@RyanJPEarly @bushtheatre Indeed - what a cool first job.
Jeremy Herrin
19 Aug
@JerHerrin One Life And Counting @bushtheatre directed by @sashawares..also her first job.. much better result.
Ryan Early
19 Aug
Melissa Saint
19 Aug
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Shan 🍯
19 Aug
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Liz I
18 Aug