#BushPlays: £2 playtexts from our back catalogue

Choose from a diverse selection of contemporary plays for some holiday reading or to salve your post-Edinburgh blues.

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Beautiful New Writing On Offer

To celebrate August – one of the busiest months for new writing – we’re offering a number of amazing plays from our back catalogue for £2. This one off, Summer special is for the following texts:

  • The Herd by Rory Kinnear. A witty and heartfelt look at family life when it doesn’t turn out quite the way you imagined.
  • Pumpgirl by Abbie Spallen. An explosively comic play that takes us deep into the unspoken thoughts and darkest desires of three lives destined to collide.
  • Little Platoons by Steve Waters. Moving from satiric comedy to poignant family drama, it asks why we’re all so obsessed with education and what happens when we get what we wish for.
  • Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar. Corporate lawyer Amir Kapoor is happy, in love and about to land the biggest career promotion of his life.But beneath the veneer, success has come at a price.
  • Straight by DC Moore. In the middle of a drunken night out, best friends Lewis and Waldorf, make a bet that will take their friendship to whole new level.
  • F*ck the Polar Bears by Tanya Ronder. A raucous play about a family who have the world at their feet. But behind their perfect front door, light bulbs are blowing, the drains keep blocking, and a phone inexplicably refuses to charge.
  • My Romantic History by DC Jackson. When Tom and Amy get together after an office social, they find themselves living in each other’s pockets. But it’s not their lack of chemistry that’s the problem: it’s that neither can quite get over their childhood sweethearts.
  • Kingfisher Blue by Lin Coghlan. An urban tale of stuffed weasels, avocado sandwiches and dreams of escape.

History of the Bush Theatre

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