Dispatches from the Rehearsal Room: Week One on Albion

Take a look inside the Albion rehearsal room as seen by Assistant Director Roy Alexander Weise.


18th August 2014

I honestly cannot say that I have ever been so excited to assist on a play like I have been excited to be a part of the Albion process.

We’ve played and sung and talked… lots of talking actually. We’ve had huge discussions about The Albion (the pub in the play) and its place in the world, about politics, about karaoke, about family, violence, love, fear, courage, about cowardice. We’ve shared thoughts about home, patriotism, displacement, prejudice, racism, fear, injustice, experience, ignorance, about freedom.

Watching the cast of Albion at work has been the most exciting part of the process so far. Seeing and hearing the ways in which they connect to and process the play. Observing them as they devise their characters as a company and individually. Ria directs the cast with tenacity and an exciting, clear vision.

I’ll be keeping you updated throughout the process with a weekly blog from inside the Albion rehearsal room.

See you next week,

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