Dispatches from the Rehearsal Room: Week Three on We Are Proud to Present

Good morning all,

I hope everybody has had a well-deserved rest over the weekend. As usual I am here to fill you in on what we’ve been up to in the rehearsal room. I will keep it brief today as I’m sure you can imagine that there is a lot to be done.

I’m currently typing this whilst recording the cast devise rhythms and melodies for the end of the play with Diane (our movement director) and Sola (our percussionist). The actors are beginning to take ownership of the rhythms and melodies, which for them probably felt like an impossible task in week 1.

We ran through the whole play last Friday afternoon which was scary but a great way to end the week. It was a fascinating experience to see how it would all fit together and equally as fascinating to watch the actors navigate their way through this complex production.

On reading, the play seems much simpler than it actually is, which is exciting (in terms of the audience’s experience) but also nerve-racking when we consider how much work needs to be done. But after seeing the dedication from the cast in the run-through I have no doubt whatsoever that these guys are more than capable of hitting the mark.

We’re working together as a team to fight the “dirty cold” (as named by actress,Ayesha Antoine). I am sitting in the corner shielding myself from the germs but I’m not sure this is enough. If you have any herbal remedies for fighting off the “dirty cold” please send them in. Pots of soup are also welcome.

We are very lucky to have the extraordinary creator of We Are Proud to Present…in rehearsal. As I write, Rob Drummer, Bush Theatre Associate Dramaturg walks in accompanied by a face that I recognise from the various articles I have read about the play. I am slightly star-struck to see Jackie Sibblies Drury in the same room as me. She seems really friendly. I’m going to introduce myself now.

See you next week,


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