Dispatches from the Rehearsal Room: Week Two on We Are Proud to Present

Hello again,

And welcome to week 2 of the We Are Proud to Present… rehearsal blogs. I hope you’ve all had a good weekend with plenty of rest. The actors were definitely glad to see Friday (and between you and me, they weren’t the only ones). Last week was a very intense week. It was like going from first gear to third and then to fifth…. in a Ferrari…..in the space of 10 seconds. (I’ve personally never driven one but we can all imagine what that might feel like; intense!)

We’ve been very fortunate to have the continued support of movement director, Diane, and percussionist, Sola (did you know that he’s from the band Jamiroquai? Interesting fact of the day). The two work together beautifully to train the cast in rhythm and movement.

With each session the actors become more and more connected to one another and to the work, creating the ensemble that is needed to make this production work. We were also lucky to have visits from a few other artists who shared an array of fascinating skills but I don’t want to give all the stagecraft away; you’ll have to come and see it for yourselves.

We have got the play on its feet now and sketched out a rough outline and shape. This week (week 3) is where we get the paint palette out, applying colour and filling in with more detail.
We have a session with an accent and voice coach this morning.

This is going to be fun!

Have a great week,


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