Drama ideas for World Book Day 2017

World Book Day takes place on the 2 March 2017. Our Community Producer, Amanda Castro, gives you some ideas to take into school.

World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to encourage a love of books and creative writing! And what better way to bring stories to life than drama? Here are a few tried and tested games and activities guaranteed to have your pupils buzzing about books.

  • Take a book that the class know well and ask them to recreate the story using a series of five tableaux (frozen images). Small groups work best! Ask the children what they think are the key moments of the book and how they can present them visually.
  • Ask small groups to create a “script” of their favourite moment from a book they know. This is a good opportunity to teach the class about writing dialogue and the conventions of writing a stage play. For an interesting twist, ask members of another group to perform the scene.  This will give the pupils the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of their dialogue and stage directions!
  • Ask your pupils to imagine the book as a play on stage – how would they picture it as a piece of live theatre? A fun creative exercise is to ask pupils to design and draw an imaginary set and costumes that depicts the world of the book, the different settings and the main characters– they can even create a model of the set!

Interested in coming to the Bush with your school to see a show or take part in a workshop? Check out this page.

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