Guest blog: This New Ground Collective

This New Ground Collective is a Community Associate Company at the Bush Theatre for 2018. Here’s an insight into the themes and inspirations for their show The Moving Play.

We are This New Ground collective.
We are human beings, a collection of artists and creative people.
We are a team, who come together to learn and have fun.
We have hidden talents. Did you know we sing as a choir called ‘The Magic Sparks’?
We are ourselves.


Holly from the Bush came to meet us at Bishop Creighton House. We are the Community Associate Company.


We interviewed three different people and chose Spare Tyre.
Spare Tyre played a game with us using pink wool.
It was alright, awesome, fun.

3   4   5    6

We watched other shows to get inspiration. Jellyfish (Bush Theatre, 2018), The Beautiful Octopus Club (Heart ‘n’ Soul, 2018) and The Garden (Spare Tyre, 2018)


We played many different theatre games.
We found three words and used them as themes to create our show, The Moving Play.


The Moving Play explores themes like hiding, moving, relationships, love, secrets and revealing our
inner most thoughts and feelings. We want to share these thoughts, feelings and stories with you.


This production was made in collaboration with This New Ground Collective, Spare Tyre and Bush Theatre as part of the Community Associate Companies programme led by Bush Theatre. This New Ground Collective, led by Artistic Director Nathalie Carrington, is a collective of people with learning disabilities who aim to raise the bar for what communities like theirs can achieve, and create vital, relevant new artworks for audiences to engage with. Spare Tyre are a leading UK participatory theatre company working to engage those least involved in arts and cultural activity. Spare Tyre produce multi-sensory, accessible and inclusive touring theatre and outreach arts activities locally and nationally.  The Moving Play will play for one night only in the Bush Theatre’s Attic on Friday 30 November.

Attendance is by invitation only.

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