Islands | Q&A with Caroline Horton

Here’s a quick-fire Q&A with Caroline Horton, writer and performer of Islands. She tells us about the play, funniest moments so far, and what rules she’d implement on an island of her own…


Can you tell us what Islands is about in one sentence?
Foul injustice and the violence of offshore.

Describe the making process…
A mix of games, devising and me writing and rewriting. Lots of in depth research via Tax Justice Network and my own reading. A close collaboration between Omar [the Director] and I – and input from a wonderful team to build the world in terms of look and sound.

What have been the major things you’ve discovered during the making process?
It’s a bigger, bolder piece than I’ve ever made before – I’ve learnt so much – I’m going to be very tough by the end of Islands!

Any favourite moments?
Lots! Maybe last week when an audience member handed Swill a drink in the break and another had a drag on Agent’s cigarette!

And can you tell us a bit about the character you play?
Mary plays at being a grotesque, greedy, megalomaniac. She’s an overgrown kid who wants to have fun and has no care about the consequences of her actions. She’s mischievous and ruthless.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of Islands’ run at the Bush?
The debate raging on!

What do you hope audiences take away from the play?
Some rage, some excitement, and a sense of the real human violence under the polite surface of offshore finance.

Tax avoiders make their own rules and the consequences are often devastating. Let’s even it up. What rules would you have on your island?
Sunshine at all times. Snow at Christmas. Three day week.


Join the debate! Islands runs until 21 Feb, you can get your tickets and find out more here.