Of Kith and Kin | Inside the Rehearsal Room

Writer Chris Thompson and director Rob Hastie chat through new play Of Kith and Kin about a couple called Daniel and Oliver who are about to have their first baby with their friend Priya acting as surrogate.

Everyone knows you can choose your friends. What happens when you can choose your family too?

RH: I think it’s a play that captures a really specific moment in the evolution of gay rights.

CT: I look at some, kinda, gay men kinda my age and upwards and we were raised in the shadow of shame. We grew up with Section 28. We had to fight for civil partnerships and we had to fight for gay marriage. I’m also interested in a younger gay generation who have not had those experiences and what happens when a couple within that age gap get together. Someone who feels very privileged and entitled to their rights and someone else who grew up going to bars with blacked out windows.

RH: It’s a brilliant cast who’ve jumped straight into the world that Chris has created.

Of Kith and Kin is at the Bush Theatre 18 Oct – 25 Nov 2017. Find out more and book tickets for Of Kith and Kin here.