RADAR 2014: In conversation with Brigitte Aphrodite

Here’s BRILLIANT Brigitte Aphrodite, writer and performer of My Beautiful Black Dog, which is a new piece of gig-theatre for people interested in music, comedy, poetry, theatre – and the difficult and beauteous complexity of our mental health. A poetry rock musical tackling a serious subject in a joyous celebration of music and words.

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@LynetteLinton @TfL @bushtheatre ‘Central Line - The Play’ coming soon to a London venue!
Fiona Whitelaw
13 Nov
@LynetteLinton @TfL @bushtheatre I dread coming to London and facing this! Every time! 🙄
13 Nov
Office outing to our fab neighbours @bushtheatre for their first ever Pub Quiz! 🍻🎭🤔 https://t.co/oNKIqrWd4I
Nick Hern Books
13 Nov
@LynetteLinton @TfL @bushtheatre The Hammersmith and Shitty line made me cry today...
Afsaneh Gray
13 Nov