RADAR 2014: In conversation with Karla Crome

We met with Karla Crome, writer of Mush and Me (that opens tonight!) to find out a bit about the show and why she is excited to be part of RADAR this year. 

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@PhoebeEclair @bushtheatre @atri_rohan This was absolutely bloody brilliant. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen… https://t.co/8yMzYUUzG6
14 Apr
@bushtheatre's Harm was phenomenal. No lie it had me literally shouting at the screen.
Igor Memic
14 Apr
RT @BBCArtsPR: Don't you just love this trailer for #BBCLightsUp? Our season of theatre adapted for TV and radio continues tonight with Ha…
Garam Han
14 Apr
RT @PhoebeEclair: I owe everything to the @bushtheatre team. They backed me and @atri_rohan all the way to make our first film. Please tune…
Ben Hargreaves
14 Apr
Phoebe Eclair-Powell
14 Apr