The Protest Series: Black Lives Matter

The Protest is a series of six pieces released during lockdown by black creators in our writing community as a response to the killing of George Floyd, and its impact on black Britons.

Content warning: the following films all contain themes of racism.

Hey Kid by Matilda Ibini

Matilda is a bionic playwright and screenwriter. Content warning: Contains themes of racism.

You Just Don’t Get It- And It Hurts by Fehnti Balgun

Fehinti is an actor, theatre maker and an activist. Content warning: Contains use of racial slurs – The use of the N-word.

Your Work by Anoushka Lucas

Anoushka is a singer, songwriter, actress and composer. Content warning: Contains use of racial slurs and references to racial violence.

The Fire This Time by Kalungi Ssebandeke (ft Anoushka Lucas)

Kalungi is an actor, writer and musician. Content warning: Contains themes of racism and references to racist violence.

Do You Hear Us Now? by Benedict Lombe

Benedict is a British Congolese writer and theatre-maker. Content warning: Contains mentions of racist violence.

Black by Roy Williams

Performed by Aaron Pierre. Edited by Gino Ricardo Green. Roy is an award-winning playwright. Content warning: Contains themes of racism.

Click here for an audio described and transcript version of these pieces.