Visitors: Memory Jukebox #1

“She remembers some things very clearly. Other things she finds hard.”

We asked the cast and creative team of our upcoming show, Visitorsto pick songs that strongly remind them of a time in their lives, a particular place, or simply a feeling of happiness.

We’ve done this because in the play, what we remember, and how, and why, are all questions that are examined as Edie’s mind slowly unravels.

As this snippet from Visitors illustrates, music and memory are powerfully interlaced.

Edie starts singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Kate returns and joins in. Stephen doesn’t.

Stephen: That is one of the worst songs ever written.
Kate: It’s so beautiful!
Stephen: It’s not.
Kate: It’s good for her.
Stephen: Why?
Kate: She likes it.
Edie: It’s nice.
Kate: She remembers the words.
Stephen: I just wish you had better taste.
Edie: I’ve got wonderful taste!

In fact who can forget seeing the video showing an old man in nursing home reacting to hearing music from his era that went viral a few years ago?

First up in our Memory Jukebox series are Simon Muller and Eleanor Wyld, who play Stephen and Kate.

Simon Muller

Something old: Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac.  My Mum and Dad had this on vinyl and it’s my first memory of music – running round my living room wearing a red-indian dress, dancing to this song. There’s photographic evidence somewhere….

Something new: Under the Pressure by The War On Drugs – I listened to this song every day whilst doing Visitors first time round. So a lot.

Something borrowed: Waiting for the Night To Fall  by Depeche Mode. I borrowed ‘Violator’ on cassette from my best friend John, when I was 15 and listened to it obsessively. I don’t think I ever gave it back….the Depeche Mode line in Visitors kind of came from this so every time I say it I think of not giving this back!

Something blue: You Will Miss Me When I Burn by Palace Music. The saddest song I know. I listened to this obsessively in my first year at LAMDA. Fortunately, I was having a good time so kind of a happy memory when hear this really, really, really sad song!

Eleanor Wyld

I used this song for Kate first time round in rehearsals – So Far Away by Carol King. It’s pretty sad but it’s amazing!

This is a song which always puts me in a good mood. It reminds me of the silliest and most fun parts of life (and it’s best watched with the amazing video) En Vogue – Don’t Let Go (Love)


Visitors runs at the Bush from 26 November – 10 January 2015

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