This Week in Polar Bear News

Tues 1 Sept: Polar bears halt Arctic research in north Russia


Pictures show how polar bears have besieged a team of Arctic meteorologists working in a remote corner of Russia.

The team has been unable to take daily sea readings after fights broke out over food between the bears who settled near the Fyodorov weather station, on Vaygach island in Russia’s far north.

The team failed to scare the bears off with flares and have no other weapons.

Source: BBC News

Wed 2 Sept: Emma Thompson joins giant polar bear at Greenpeace protest outside Shell HQ

A bus-sized polar bear and Emma Thompson joined a week-long protest against Arctic drilling at Shell’s headquarters in London.

The British actor visited the Arctic last year and said that she had got out of bed at 4am on Wednesday to take part in the protest because of the risk of climate change to her grandchildren and the threat posed to the polar region’s fragile environment by drilling.

“Shell haven’t been listening. Shell have ignored the science. They want to drill in the Arctic up to the year 2030. It seems to me a monumental act of selfishness and greed. We cannot go on extracting oil in the way that we have,” she said.

Source: The Guardian

Fri 4 Sept: F*ck the Polar Bears opens at the Bush a week today


The world premiere production of eco comedy F*ck the Polar Bears by Tanya Ronder will open for previews a week today.

F*ck the Polar Bears is a raucous new play about a family who have the world at their feet. Will they stamp all over it?

Gordon and Serena have worked hard to get where they are. He’s on the verge of a massive promotion at an energy giant. She’s preparing for a move into the house of their dreams. The family appear to be cooking on gas.

But behind their perfect front door, light bulbs are blowing, the drains keep blocking, and a phone inexplicably refuses to charge. Not to mention that daughter Rachel’s adored toy polar bear is nowhere to be found.

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