We’re trying really hard *not* to eff the Polar Bears…

… we want to protect our beautiful planet for future generations.

Environmental sustainability is central to our ethos at the Bush and wherever possible we try really hard to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. So we are totally chuffed to announce that Julie’s Bicycle have awarded us with a three star (FYI highest possible rating! Fist bumps all round.) Creative Industry Green certification for the second time in a row!


Julie’s Bicycle say: “Bush Theatre has achieved Creative Industry Green certification in 2014/15 and is awarded 3 star in recognition of its commitment to managing its carbon and improving its environmental impacts. Creative Industry Green certification is developed by Julie’s Bicycle for music, theatre and the wider creative industries. By achieving Creative Industry Green certification Bush Theatre is joining the UK creative industries’ response to climate change and environmental sustainability.”

So why did we get it?

To begin with we have an environmental policy, which is annually reviewed by our board members and endorsed by our Executive Director. This environmental policy formalises our overarching commitment to upholding the highest standard of sustainable operation.

What’s more, over the last year, we’ve been greener than ever before.

  • We agreed a new electricity supply contract with 100% renewable energy provider, Good Energy.
  • Following on from previous years, we also joined the GiveMe Tap and WWF Earth Hour campaigns in 2015.
  • In fact in 2015, our programme even included a play that addressed climate change issues, the brilliantly titled F*ck the Polars Bears by Tanya Ronder. After one of the performances, we also organised a BushGreen Live panel discussion on climate change, bringing together a range of experts including Julie’s Bicycle.
  • Plus, we’ve reduced waste by a massive 28% after switching to a more sustainable waste contractor, which helps us to segregate waste in a more environmental friendly way. Water use has also decreased by 13%.

What’s next?

Our exciting plans for the development of our building in 2016 will help us continue on our sustainability mission. You can find out more about these plans here.

Bush Theatre renovation architect impression