What’s it like to be… Admin Intern at the Bush?

We’re looking for a new Theatre Admin Intern!

If you or someone you know is looking for a way into a career in arts administration you can check out the details of this brilliant opportunity (even if we do say so ourselves) here. But first read on for a blog by current Admin Intern Tom Newton, who talks about how breaking into the industry can feel like banging your head against a brick wall, and what his time at the Bush has given him.

I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to work as Administration Intern at the Bush Theatre.  Trying to break into theatre is a daunting task and it felt like there was brick wall between me and the industry.  Finding an opportunity to help me develop my skills and increase my employability without living on the bread line seemed impossible.  I always knew that the Bush Theatre was dedicated to championing new playwrights and developing new plays, but I quickly realised that attitude is in all their work.  To be in a theatre which has a commitment to developing all staff, at all stages of their careers, told me that I was in the right place.

The chance to work at the Bush has taught me a lot.  All staff are based in the same open-plan office and this has given me the opportunity to really see how all theatre operations are organised on a day to day basis.  Everyone is really supportive and happily give me hints and tips of how approach my career in the industry.

The structure of my internship is designed to get the most out of my placement for both the theatre and for me.  I have specific duties supporting the administration and finance department whilst also having the chance to gain experience in the fields of work which will help me for my future career choice.  I want to pursue a career in Creative Learning and working at the Bush has given me the chance to work with the Community Producer on the planning and delivery of education projects.

I’m really happy that during my time at the Bush, I feel like the Bush has given me the launch pad I was looking for and I’m looking forward to my next step!