Who’s Watching Who?

Today we’re launching Who’s Watching Who? an exhibition of photographs in our building that have been taken by members of Only Connect, a local organisation working with young people at risk and ex-offenders. Taking inspiration from The Royale, and the life story of Jack Johnson—the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion—these images are a response to the question: ‘What is a cultural icon?’

Supported by artist Yemisi Blake and the Bush Theatre, the participants spent four weeks exploring themes of boxing rituals, societal pressures and the power of language through techniques of portraiture and abstract photography.

Photography and curation by: Steven Fields, Kieran Hall, Oisίn Hendrix, Samira Rkik, Adewale Ogunlade and Taurean Steele.

Who’s Watching Who? is part of the Bush Theatre’s Local Hero Project, a series of workshops and talks inspired by The Royale, for young people in our local community.

27 Mar – 18 Apr | Bush Theatre | Free

Supported by Hammersmith United Charities.


Oisίn – Hands & Writing

DSC_0088 (3)


Steven – Hands

Steven Hands

Steven – Peering In

untitled-29 (2)


Steven – Sign

untitled-41 (2)


Wale – Hands

06060002 (3)

06060009 (3)



Wale – Portraits


untitled-69 (2)


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