Women in Tech: An Interview with Technical Manager Amy Clarey

For International Women’s Day we are celebrating our very own Amy Clarey, who is Technical Manager at the Bush. Amy is responsible for leading the technical department in working across all productions, events and activity in the building.

Traditionally when it comes to technical roles in theatre, women have often been sidelined and not given the same opportunities to progress in the field. Amy speaks about the day to day reality of her job and her advice to young women wanting to pursue technical roles within theatre.

Describe your experience as a Technical Manager in three words.

Rewarding, fun and intense

What is the most fun part of your job?

All of my job is fun. I love my team and the work we do here at the Bush.

Why do you think there is such a lack of women in technical roles within theatre?

Historically being a woman in technical theatre has not been easy. Things are changing slowly but we have quite a long way to go yet. It can still be a bit of an old boys club! I feel that women also don’t know these incredibly interesting roles exist.

Going forward, what initiatives will help more women to work in technical roles?

Openness about the job roles and the industry. More spotlights on the jobs that women do within technical theatre. Also, making sure we continue to call out bad behaviour when we see it.

What advice would you give to younger women who want to pursue a career in technical theatre?

Don’t be afraid to do a job in a ‘mans world.’ It will be super fun and rewarding. Always be yourself: don’t change for anyone or anything. Enjoy what you do and put your heart into it. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do it or you don’t belong!

What are some upcoming projects that you are excited to work on?

The second half of our new season has just been announced and I can’t wait to bring all these amazing projects to life!