Work Experience Diary | Tomek “one word to describe the Bush”

Our work experience student Tomek Goodwin tells us about his time at the Bush Theatre.

One word to describe the Bush. Amazing. I have done a lot and seen things that would help me in the future. Now let’s go to the start of the week Monday. When I first came in, I felt I was really going to have so much fun and you know I really did. So back to describing my week, I came in and met Ingrid and we with the cast of Adventure read through the play they were doing. I thought the play was really funny in some parts but in others it felt really sad in others a good contrast of both. The pace was snappy at the start to reflect what they talking about but slow in the bits that it needed to be. So I highly recommend you coming in September where the play will be showing and   I know you will enjoy it. In afternoon I was shown around the office where everyone was and then they told me their names (still I don’t know all of them) and told me their jobs and what they do. Then Ingrid took me to the desk I was going to work at and the tasks I did made me think that they were lots other stuff you have to for actor. Also I learnt something new on my first day.


Tuesday I was with Holly who told me about the community and how they do these big performances with them to make them happy and make them come here. I learnt that Bush is really in with the community. What I mean by this is that they are trying to keep the community together. So I did couple tasks related to that and bit of researching and this interested me, how that this small place can the such a big part of the community. Afternoon.  I did some fabulous stuff, I read the play called Jellyfish which is one of the best play’s I have ever read. It was gritty, real and felt I was right there in the action. It made me think and I wish there was more. The writer left the story wanting me to find out more. Then I talked with Sophie about how great it was and then we went talked some more. Really fun day.


Wednesday, I am going have to say this was the best day. At the start of the day I was at front of house at the bar. It was so much fun, I talked with bartenders about how my week was so far and what I wanted to do with my life. By the end I felt kind of sad. So afternoon Tim took me to see Jellyfish and I was excited because it was such a good script and now I was going to see it. I still so grateful for the Bush letting me see this gritty play. The play was journey of emotions. Happy, sad and of course funny. I highly recommend to see it, is amazing and one the best plays I have seen in my life.

One of the best things about the Bush is that they were so kind to me and let do things that other places would not let me do. They let me talk to the head of Tech Mike and that made me think that a course may expand my horizons. They do all of this and it feels from my perspective that it is a kind, good working place who cares about the people. They even let you message ideas for plays. So if your script-writer then this is the place for you. On Thursday I went with Arianne who took me through this and it backed the idea that the Bush care for the people. Some ideas I saw were really good and I felt that they could be performed here and it would do really well.

I also learnt during my time that this is a charity and they want use money to make Shepherd’s Bush a better place. And I learnt if you do give money to the Bush you can get great rewards, so if give lots and lots of money you will get invited to this fabulous dinner party where they will put on a performance for you. I was told that the plays are amazing and they really funny or super cool. Also through community, I learnt about how you can be part of a Yearlong workshop and I read through what someone wrote about it and it was amazing. So if drama loving work experience student, then come to the Bush, you will would not regret it .