My Work Experience by Mikayla

I came to the Bush Theatre for Work Experience for a week. Each day in that week I worked in two different departments, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

On Monday I had an induction with Amanda in the morning and she told me all about what happens at the Bush Theatre and what I would be doing in the week. In the afternoon I worked in the development team with Ine. I had to find some pictures and quotes to finish the report on The Neighbourhood Project that has happened recently. I also had to find quotes from any newspaper reports about the project.

On Tuesday morning I have done some script reading. And I was able to watch The Royale and it was really good I enjoyed it a lot and I see why The Bush is going to show it again. In the afternoon I worked in the admin department with Anna and I had to help her finish some spreadsheets and shortlist some potential and upcoming writers and companies that could be working with the Bush.

On Wednesday I was with Amanda all day and she works in the community department. In the community department I worked on a spreadsheet that had some information about some schools in the community and in the afternoon I listened to some project feedback and I had to type in what they were saying. It was really hard to write what they were saying because some of them stutter and some talk to fast but in the end I made it!

On Thursday I was with the literary department all day. In the morning I worked on another spreadsheet about script submissions, I read one of them and it was really good. In the afternoon I had to read a play called Chewing Gum Dreams by Michaela Coel and I had to  write a report on it, I enjoyed the play and it was set in secondary school so I could relate to some parts.

I really enjoyed working here at the Bush. It’s been a great experience. I wish I could have worked in the theatre building and help out with the production I wished that I could see the play too and I wish that I could do another week here. I enjoyed every department so I can’t choose which one was my favourite. I recommend anybody who is looking for work experience to come here and do it because it’s worth it!

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