The Invisible | Legal Aid Fact #2

Inspired by The Invisible, our upcoming production about the human impact of cuts to legal aid, here’s the next Legal Aid Fact in our series of stats about what cuts to the legal aid system really mean. Check out the first fact here.

In 2013-2014, 1500 people applied for exceptional case funding, just 69 were successful.

Exceptional case funding was intended as a safety net to try to ensure that people who really need it still get legal assistance in non-criminal cases. It can provide civil legal aid in cases that mightn’t otherwise qualify, but where denying it would be a breach of someone’s human or EU law rights.

When it was introduced the Government estimated that around 5000 applications would be granted per year. 1500 people applied in 2013-2014. Only 69 people were granted assistance. That’s under 5%. The rate of successful applications has been increasing in every quarter since the scheme began.

*From Full Fact data.

The world premiere production of The Invisible by Rebecca Lenkiewicz runs from 3 July – 15 August here at the Bush, find out more about the play here.